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Red Cedar: Skin and Wellness

Neolifting Sculpt & Lift Facial Gift Voucher | 120 mins

Neolifting Sculpt & Lift Facial Gift Voucher | 120 mins

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Experience deep restoration of your skin, mind and soul with 'The Natural Facelift'

More than a facial, Neolifting enhances your bodies OWN functions for natural rejuvenation with a powerful combination of massage styles to deeply relax your facial muscles, release emotional stagnation, naturally sculpt, lift and restore balance to your facial posture.
Carefully crafted to boost flow of nutrients to your skin, stimulating collagen and releasing muscle tension to soften wrinkles, eliminate headaches and reduce jaw pain.
As you emerge from your treatment with the weight of stress and tension released, you'll feel transformative effects at every level. Vibrant skin, a refreshed and uplifted mind, and harmony restored to your soul.

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