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Activate Body Scrub

Activate Body Scrub

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Activate is a unique 3-in-1 body skin formula that effectively exfoliates, nourishes and enriches your skin with the purity of Australian ingredients.

Who will love it:

- All skins, especially types and conditions that require body exfoliation.
- Excellent for dry and sun damaged body skin.
- Keratosis Pilaris.

Why you will love it:

- Smooths and polishes body skin.
- Aims to nourishes and hydrate.
- Leaves skin feeling refreshed.

How to use:

- Apply to body before showering/bathing.
- Massage over body in long even strokes, paying extra attention to dry areas.
- Use the Biologi Bamboo Cleansing mitt in the shower to assist in removal or rinse off with water.
- Pat skin dry.
- Alternatively, use a scoop and sprinkle into bath for a luxurious exfoliating soak.
- Use 1-2 a week or as professionally recommended.
- Gently stir/mix the formula with bamboo scoop before use.

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